Vanguard Pre-OP Intel 4.17.2020

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher

Chedaki forces have some key AA positions that we need to eliminate in order to get friendly air assets closer to our area of operation. Expect the enemy to have lookouts scattered throughout the area. You will see civilians in the area. Civilians are returning to some form of normalcy since the fighting has mostly subsided in the region.


Information you find has been made available only to select intel services. Some information you find will have parts of it redacted. 

[REDACTED] - Operations & Counting
[REDACTED] - Head Quarters Address
[REDACTED] - Agent Silentwisher Email

Have questions about redacted information? Reach out to your CO.

Vanguard Pre-OP Intel 4.17.2020 3

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