Capturing HVT Gunner – Arma 3 Rough Riders Highlights

Hello there everyone and welcome to another Arma 3 Rough Riders Highlight video. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 The first part of the video is the short clips and the second half of the video is the capture of the HVT called "Gunner". Enjoy! Capturing HVT Gunner - Arma 3...

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Arma 3 Rough Riders Combat Footage 12.22.2020

Arma 3 Rough Riders Combat Footage 12.22.2020

Hello there everyone! Its time for another Arma 3 video for you today. In this video I captured some pretty cool combat footage style shots from a recent operation with the Rough Riders. I hope you enjoy the highlighted combat footage. More to come! 🙂 Arma 3 Rough...

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