Hello, there everyone! In this episode of my talk show(Ep6), I talked about what happened in my life today as well as being a generally good person to other people. There’s not a lot of good in our world right now. It’s not too much to ask other people to be nice to each other. Enjoy the short podcast/talk show episode below.

Hope you enjoy!

Here is the transcription of today’s episode(for those who rather read):

Hello there, everybody, Silentwisher here with episode six of the Silentwisher Talk Show. In this one, we’re going to talk about a few different things. Let’s start off with what happened today. I got new business cards. That’s always a cool thing. I went through this company called MOO. They’re more of a premium business. If you can hear that, that’s the new business cards they come in these cool little recycled boxes, I guess. It’s all recycled and stuff. It’s really cool. Really nice premium cards. I actually went the middle-ground with the cards and I’m really happy with them. So if you’re looking for a good company to make business cards through, go to MOO. Yeah, like the sound the cow makes, “Moo.” Just do MOO business cards on Google, you’ll find it. No, it’s not sponsored or anything like that. I wish, but, hey, if you guys want to sponsor me, hit me up. These are really nice business cards. Definitely, recommend them. So that’s one thing that was kind of cool that made me happy today.

And the other thing is I took a little drive around town, took some photos, made a post for my local news website that I run. So I was productive today. It’s always good to be productive. And on my way back, I was just paying attention to driving and to people around me and all that like you’re supposed to. And randomly a dude waved at me and I was like, “Hey, maybe he knows me.” And then like, “No, that guy definitely didn’t know me. He was just waving to wave,” which when I first lived here about 10 years ago, everybody waved. It was kind of just a thing, like, “Hey, you’re there. Hi,” and people don’t, don’t really do it as much anymore. And you’d be surprised at how something so little as a wave of can make somebody’s day. I’m like, “Oh, he’s just being friendly, and it made me smile for pretty much the whole ride home. And in the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. And I don’t know, just made me happy.

So giving somebody a compliment saying, “Hey, I like your hair.” “Hey, I like your outfit,” or waving at them or whatever. Just be positive. It goes a really long way nowadays. The world is full of just hate and just the horrible things going on. So the little things like a wave or a compliment will really go a long way nowadays if you don’t believe me, try it. I mean, doesn’t it feel good when somebody compliments you? I mean, I can definitely say that I appreciate compliments and will never complain about getting them. So yeah, that’s really all I want to talk about today.

I’m going to have a bunch of YouTube videos coming out on my channel here soon. I got a bunch of games that are releasing updates, so I’m sure those will generate at least a couple of videos for you guys. Anyways, it’s a short, really short to the point episode. I just wanted to remind people it doesn’t take much to be a good human being and make somebody’s day. Make somebody happy. So I challenge you to go out, give somebody a compliment, give multiple people compliments, pay for their meal. Pay it forward. Be good people because we don’t have enough of that these days. Everybody rather be divided and hateful. So be nice to people. Give them a compliment, pay for their meal in the drive-through. You never know. It starts change reactions all the time. It’s happened a lot here. So be good. Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys in the next one.