About me

I have been creating websites, videos, movies, and articles since the early 2000s. I specialize in website design, video editing, and creation, photography work for everything from weddings to family portraits or even just a night out on the town with friends. I also love to create videos for the masses to enjoy and share in my creative endeavors! If you want your business’s website created or redesigned by someone with experience and cares about what they do then contact me today at silentwisher .com

Online video

One of my passions is creating online video content. I just love to entertain. The majority of my content focuses around tech and video games, however, I do a vlog on occasion and make other forms of video content. Subscribe to my channel 🙂


I have been using a camera almost every day since I was a child. My first “big” camera was a Canon T2i and I used it for many years up until recently. I just swapped out my trusty T2i and replaced it with a major upgrade. I got a Sony A9 and various other gear and I’ve never looked back. I have thousands and thousands of shots under my belt. My favorite thing to take photos of is wildlife and sports.


I’ve been writing for a very long time. When you are the only person creating content for your websites and various social media platforms, you learn to write very quickly and learn to love it. I used to hate writing when I was in school. Now I just love to do it, regardless of the topic. I even write scripts for videos and films from time to time.

Web Design

Web Design is one of my most favorite things to do. Something about designing websites and publishing them on the internet is such a cool thing to me. I have launched over 40 websites at this point. Some of them are still online and some of them are archived perhaps never to be seen again. With enough demand, I’ll publish all my old sites as well.

Voice Overs

I love doing voice-over work. Sometimes my friends and family can get really annoyed with how often I use different accents and announcer type voices, but I just love it. It’s the same love I have for storytelling. Plus it just sounds really cool to talk about random stuff in a movie announcer type voice.