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HVT Exchange – Suspenseful! – Arma 3 Highlight

Hey everyone! In this video, we have the Rough Riders exchanging an enemy HVT(officer) in exchange for one of their capture medics. This is from the POV of one of the Zeus's. I hope you enjoy it. The whole situation was pretty intense. HVT Exchange - Suspenseful! -...

Don’t Stay in School

Hey there everyone I wanted to share these couple of videos that I find very good. So basically the first video is a music video called don't stay in school and it talks about how modern-day high school and just general education are basically useless in most cases...

Doctors React To Medical Stand Up Comedy

Looking for a funny video to watch? I'll check out this Funny Doctors react to Medical stand-up comedy video. Doctors React To Medical Stand Up Comedy

When you lag in Farming Simulator 2019

When you lag in Farming Simulator 2019

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