Gzip Checker Plugin

Gzip Checker Plugin

Created By: Silentwisher

SWE Gzip Checker is a simple WordPress plugin that allows site owners to check if Gzip compression is enabled on their site and provides an easy way to enable or disable it via the WordPress admin interface. Gzip compression is a popular method for reducing the size of HTTP responses for web pages and assets, which can improve page load times and user experience.

With the SWE Gzip Checker plugin, site owners can quickly check if Gzip compression is enabled on their site by viewing the Gzip Compression Status message on the SWE-gzip-checker Settings page. If Gzip compression is not currently enabled, site owners can easily enable it by checking the Enable Gzip Compression checkbox and saving the settings.

The SWE Gzip Checker plugin uses the WordPress Settings API to register the gzip_enabled option and provides a simple form on the Gzip Compression Settings page to enable or disable Gzip compression. When Gzip compression is enabled, WordPress adds the appropriate Content-Encoding: gzip header to the HTTP response for pages and assets served by the site.

The SWE Gzip Checker plugin is easy to install and activate and does not require any technical knowledge or access to server configurations. It provides a convenient way for site owners to enable or disable Gzip compression for their site without the need for modifying server configurations or settings.

Overall, the SWE Gzip Checker plugin is a simple and useful tool for WordPress site owners who want to improve their site’s performance and user experience by enabling Gzip compression.

Version 1.0
Last Updated 4/11/2023
Last Tested Version 6.2
File Size <1MB
Usage Rules Free use to public.