James Charles a top-rated YouTube personality has posted on his social media accounts about fans showing up to his house and how he is displeased with it. People showing up to famous people’s homes probably happens almost daily, and it’s not just kids. Many grown adults to this as well! Many other entertainers talk about this on a regular basis, and they all express their annoyance with people showing up to their homes. These celebrities also are in fear for their privacy and some cases safety. The sad reality of being famous is there are people out there that will jump at the opportunity to mess with a celebrity and post their personal info including their home address.

What I find most disturbing about this sort of behavior is how many people think its okay to show up to their homes or work. These people say that its part of being famous and they need to just get over it. They also say stupid things like, “The people showing up to your private homes are the ones who made you who you are, and they can also tear you down.”


The very fact that so many people think its okay to VIOLATE someone’s privacy and safety just because they are famous is disgusting and pathetic really. They are no different than anyone else. Celebrities are not robots that you can say and do whatever you want to. They are human beings as well, and they have their lives to live too. The fact that there are so many people on social media sticking up for people who are stalking celebrities is alarming. Another thing that is just beyond insane is how many grown adults are knowingly bringing their kids to these peoples homes. Don’t you find it weird to bring your child to a strangers house, regardless of how many followers they may have?

I’m going to end this by saying that you as a viewer, follower, or whatever you are to a famous person, you need to respect them and their privacy. These people put themselves and their personal lives online to entertain you in the format only. None of the Instagram posts, tweets, or YouTube videos are inviting you into their private lives. They are purposely just showing you that part of their life for a reason. Enjoy what they give you and respect boundaries.