Asus has announced the brand new Zenbook Pro Duo and it looks amazing. For a couple of weeks now I’ve been kind of depressed that I got rid of my laptop a while ago. Yes, I didn’t use it every day but it definitely was useful in fairly frequent situations. So you could say that I’m kind of on the hunt for a new laptop. I found some interesting ones on Best Buy and some other websites but nothing really jumped out at me. Today I found this video showing off the brand new Asus Zenbook Pro Duo and I think I’m in love. The laptop has two separate monitors built-in 1 in its normal position like every other laptop and one built into the keyboard type area. It also has a multi-purpose trackpad/number pad area. Another cool feature that I think makes a standout is it has a turbo fan mode button just in case things get a little hot or you just want to cool it down.


The laptop truly is on my radar and I hope the price for it isn’t too much when that price does get an answer. I’m actually deeply in love with this laptop just from the video shown below. It’s also got this really cool feature called app grouping I think and it allows you to quickly launch multiple apps/programs where you had left off with them so you can get to work. This would be super useful for me and my journalism work. I just hope it doesn’t cost a fortune for something like this.

They did mention that there are two versions of this laptop, one that has dual 4K monitors and one that has dual 1080p monitors. I’m hoping the 4K monitors are a reasonable price but if not hopefully the 1080p monitors will be a more cost-effective / consumer from the option.


Check out the video below and let me know what you guys think of this new laptop. I’m definitely hyped for it!