Are you aware?

Hello there everyone! I wanted to create a special kind of post today to bring some pages on my website to your attention. A lot of people that I meet who are familiar with my YouTube channel and my Discord server and all that stuff but aren’t very well-versed on the website. In a lot of cases, they don’t even know it exists. If you’re reading this you obviously know the website exists but you might not necessarily know what all this website offers currently. So without further Ado let’s jump into what this website offers. (Besides posts of course ?)


YouTube Feed

The YouTube feed channel on my website allows you to get an up-to-date feed on any videos that I published my YouTube channel. Sometimes the YouTube subscription page doesn’t work properly so you might miss out on a video. It’s a good idea to have this page bookmarked just in case you’re wondering where my videos are lately. Plus it allows you to keep track of cool stats about my channel like how many subscribers I have, videos, and views. It will also allow you to easily skim through all of the content on my channel all the way to the beginning.


The SEV section of my website is where I host exclusive videos that are only available on my website. SEV stands for site exclusive videos. As time goes on I add all of my videos to this page as well to serve as an archive. But I also have patreon members-only content located here and like the name suggests some website exclusive content here. So be sure to check it out.


The blog page on my site allows you to scroll through my recent posts a lot easier than using the homepage navigation. For example on the homepage as of writing this, it says I have about 94 Pages worth of content. That is based on only displaying four items at a time. If you were to go to my blog right now you would see that there are actually only 19 Pages based off of the number of items that are displayed by default. So if you want to quickly go through all of my posts this is a better way to go about it.


If you want to find out more about me you should definitely check out my about page. Obviously, you can learn a lot about me by listening to my podcasts and watching my videos. But you can also check out this page to learn even more.

My Gear

Have you ever wondered what kind of camera gear I use? How about what kind of computer I have? Well, you can find out all this information on the my gear page. I update this page as I get new gear or change my gear. On a fairly regular basis, I get on this topic of what gear I have with people in my Discord server. So I always end up linking them this page.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base on my website is kind of a pet project of mine. Its items that I don’t necessarily think are a good fit for their own post/article. I add items to this as I see fit and it acts as a kind of like an archive/Wiki of sorts. Go check it out. You might find something interesting in there and who knows you might learn something as well.


The last page that I’m going to talk about today is the timeline. The timeline is very similar to the blog but it gives you an even better look at how many posts/articles I have and at what times and years they were posted. So if you want to quickly scroll through the timeline of the content on my website not including pages and SEV videos this is a good way to do it.