Hey everyone! Here are some exciting patch notes for a new update for Crab Game on Steam. The patch notes are quoted below. I did fix up some spelling and grammar though.
Crab Game Cosmetics Update 2

So I said in the last update I would be working on cosmetics since a lot of people requested them. It was a lot more time-consuming to make than I thought, but I’ve finished up 50+ items with Steam Inventory support, and everything else. Hope you like it!
Also a question for everyone. Currently, you cannot buy crates, is this something you wanna see changed? Why? Why not? Are there any other changes, in general, you’d like to see? Thanks for the feedback!

Earning Cosmetics
  • Crates are completely free to open.
  • When a game is finished, there is a chance to receive a crate drop.
  • Being toxic / reported/banned/kicked / hacking will lead to fewer drops. Not affected if you’re just banned or kicked by a bad/salty host.
  • There is a limit to how many crates you can get every day.
  • Crates can be opened by entering your Inventory, found in the Main Menu.
  • Crates can also be earned by completing daily quests.


Opening Crates
  • You can open your crates from the in-game inventory.
  • There are currently 4 main categories of items you can receive: Hair, Hats, Accessories & Shoes.
  • There are 50+ items in total, with different

    : Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extraordinary & Legendary. In addition, items can have special attributes.

Crab Game Patch Notes 11/29/2021

Special Items
  • When opening a crate, your items can have
    special attributes.
  • Color

    – Every item earned from crates comes in a different color. There are 4 tiers of color rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare & Legendary.

  • Shiny

    – There is a very small chance an item is shiny. These items are very rare and will give off a glow/shine.

  • Brand

    – Hats have a small chance of being branded with “YIKE”.


Daily Quests
  • Complete daily quests to earn crates.
  • Once you complete a daily quest, you can claim your item.
  • You receive a new quest 24 hours after claiming your item.
  • There are probably a few bugs with this, literally finished the system like 5 minutes before uploading this update lol


  • Can now free cam spectate when eliminated.

  • Inventory section in Main Menu.

  • “Featured Items” and item shop integration. Visit the Item Shop Here, or find it in-game.

  • Steam Marketplace support; you can sell and buy items on the Steam Market.

  • Various optimizations and bug fixes.