Your GPU will be used to track you soon! That’s crazy!

There is some new technology in the works that involves fingerprinting your device hardware in order to track you. Now you may not be familiar with this practice, but it is done widely in the current advertising space. Advertisers/the people who run the analytics portion can assign a unique fingerprint to each and every one of your devices. And in theory? Unless you have some sort of spoofing techniques in place, they can use that to supply you with relevant ads or just track you across the web for whatever reason they have.

There are things in place to help prevent this, there are, VPNs that help with this, there are browser addons that, spoof your device fingerprints, block ads, block trackers, and so on. There are all kinds of different options out there to help protect your privacy. But now they’re going to somehow translate your graphics card unit, your GPU in your computer to spit out a unique identifier.

From what I was reading, there’s no way that there would be any sort of duplicates like you would think. “Oh, I have an Nvidia, GTX 1080, or whatever”, for example, and “there are still millions of people that have that”. The way that these technologies work is it creates some sort of hashed/unique identifier version that just can’t be replicated, it’s kind of hard to understand, but not at the same time.

You can find out more by checking out the link to the article that’s included with this post. The fact that there is further technology coming down the pipeline to track people and invade their privacy and whatever other reasons that they would need, is scary. It’s just happening more and more. As time goes on, I understand and can vibe or relate to the people who use all these different kinds of ad blockers and, privacy blockers and such because it’s getting out of control.

Let me know what you guys think of this new potential technology to use to track people.

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