Hello there everyone! I recently ordered this DSLR cleaning kit that contains three different lens cleaning pens. This kit is created by the company called Lenspen. You have three different kinds of lens / DSLR cleaning pens. One of the lenses is designed specifically for cleaning your lens glass. The next type of lens cleaning pen is designed for your camera lens filters. The last cleaning pen is designed for the viewfinder of your cameras. Each pen comes with a retractable brush side and a cleaning tip side.

I have used products like these in the past but they’ve all been cheap and kind of lame. They have also fallen apart on me on many occasions as well. This is a very well-reviewed lens cleaning kit, and I like it already(It even comes with a free microfiber cleaning cloth)! If for some reason the product fails me or I change my mind on the product in the future I will definitely make a follow-up post about it. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this product to you and your friends.

Check out the DSLR Pro Cleaning Kit by LENSPEN.

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