I recently wrote a post about how awesome the game called The Forest was [Post]. The game is still excellent and enjoyable, but the problem is the dedicated servers that you can rent for it. It seems like a total crapshoot depending on what host you end up going with. I am currently testing out the third host so far the first two were absolute garbage. I’m going to be talking about each host and telling you whether or not I recommend them. Like I said I’m on my third host at this point and if it doesn’t work after this then I’m done trying. Apparently finding a dedicated server for The Forest is an absolute nightmare.


The first host that we went with was a company called Vilayer. This host looked very promising because they claimed to have high-performance servers however that is not what we experienced at all. In fact, this was the worst host out of the three. The game The Forest is very heavily based on saving your character and saving the game world regularly. If you don’t do this, you will lose all of your progress. We did everything in our power to make sure our characters and the world saved every few minutes.

In fact, the server told us that it was saving every 15 minutes when in reality it was not. We lost our saved games not only once, not only twice, but three times in a row. The server at some, point reverted to an older save that was a few days old. So not only did it fail to save, it ultimately failed us all together. At that point, I was over it, and I decided to cancel my service with them. I’m also in the process of requesting a refund from them as well.

The Forest Dedicated Servers - A Nightmare

Survival Servers

The next host (Survival Servers) we had seemed to have been a lot better when it came to saving our characters and our game world. For the most part, I like this host. The issue I had with this host, however, was their control console was not very good, and I ended up having to restart my server last night, and it never came back on. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it back online so I had to submit a ticket. Eventually, they got around to answering my ticket and got the server back online, but at that point, I was over it again. So I canceled my service with them as well.

The Forest Dedicated Servers - A Nightmare

For some reason, it seems next to impossible to find a suitable host for this game. I wouldn’t think it would be that complicated, but apparently, it is. This game just recently left early access or whatever you would want to call it, but the developers claim that it is a mostly stable game. So there should be no issues like this on the server hosting end.


The last host we are currently on and hoping will be the final host and the best host is a company that we have used in the past. Our current host is a company called Nitrado.net. We have used this company in the past to host Minecraft servers and Ark servers. We had excellent experiences back then with them, so hopefully, that will continue to be the case with this game. I will say I’m impressed with their back-end command consoles and what not so far but we’ll see how well it stands up when it comes to saving our progress. So far so good!

The Forest Dedicated Servers - A Nightmare

I’m not going to officially recommend anyone right now until we figure out who is the best option. That being said I wanted to let everybody know that is reading this that it is incredibly difficult to find a quality dedicated server host for this game. So before you decide to purchase a server for The Forest,  be sure to do your research or go ahead and leave a comment below, and I’ll let you know.