Seachem Purigen Is a miracle aquarium product! Hello there everybody! Many of you may know that I keep multiple aquariums in my home and I love fishkeeping. In fact, I love it so much I actually breed fish on a regular occasion. Without getting too much into what I do and how long I’ve been doing it let’s get into the actual product review. Seachem Purigen is a cheap and insanely effective way to get crystal clear water in your aquarium.

Seachem Purigen Helps remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Basically, if you’re new to the hobby, this is an excellent thing. I personally was a little bit skeptical when I first read up on this stuff. That said it does everything that it says it does. If you just check out the reviews on Amazon alone, it is insanely effective at what it does. It will give you that crystal clear water that you and your fish desire.


Seachem Purigen - A Miracle Aquarium Product [REVIEW]What I did is I picked up a 100 ml bag of it which apparently treats up to a hundred gallons, and I put it in my aquarium filter. Within a few days, my water became crystal clear. The cool thing about this product is it’s actually reusable. You can basically recharge it with a part water part bleach bath. There are instructions on how to do it when you purchase the product. I have not yet done this, but according to the reviews, it’s pretty straightforward.

When the product arrives, it will be in an outer bag that says Seachem Purigen on it. Once you open that up, there will be a little baggie full of what appears to be resin like beads. I recommend giving it a little bit of a rinse in your kitchen sink before putting it in your tank/filter. You should do this with all aquarium products by the way!

Once you have placed the bag of Seachem Purigen in your filter, all you have to do is be patient after that. Within a few days assuming there aren’t any other problems in your aquarium your water to turn crystal clear.


That’s it! It’s super short and simple review on an amazing and insanely affordable product! Definitely pick some up if you have an aquarium you won’t regret it!


Check out these photos I took of one of my aquariums(3 photos).

Seachem Purigen - A Miracle Aquarium Product [REVIEW]