Here within the next couple of weeks I should be up and running with my new fiber internet. What does this mean and why should you care? Well, it means I will be able to create more content for you at a rapid pace. Anyone who is familiar with my content and how much effort I put into it knows that my internet connection is my major handicap. Once the fiber internet is hooked up I will be able to live streams, as well as guarantee videos, being available at predetermined times. Assuming there is something to talk about or cover, there should be a new video every day. In some cases, there will probably be more than one video.

New Show! Yeah, you read that right. Once the internet situation is sorted I will also be launching a new show. It will be a live talk show. The reason I want to do the show live is so my listeners/viewers can interact with me and guide the show in other directions if need be. I know what you may be thinking… “So you have how many shows now?” Well, listed below are all my currently started/announced shows(Includes Video Game Content).


End Thoughts

You may have another follow up question. “You’re gonna make all that content on a regular basis?” Absolutely! I’ve always said I love to create content. So this is just proof of that. If you have suggestions for other content be sure to let me know and I’ll probably be willing to do it.

So all that being said… I hope you are excited about all the upcoming content. I love all my followers & readers! If you want to support me you can do so via my Patreon page or via my store donation area.