A whole lot has changed since I last played World of Warcraft. The last time I played the game was back in the Cataclysm expansion. In fact, the last time I laid eyes on the game was when I was playing my level 100 hunter I believe. I signed back into the game as my hunter to a garrison that was just as hectic as I remembered. This time, however, I did not continue to play my older characters. I decided to use a level 110 character booster that came with the purchase of the newest expansion pack(Battle For Azeroth).

I was pleasantly greeted with a long introduction mission to the newest expansion. It had a lot of really cool cut scenes explaining everything that had happened since I had been gone. Or at least it told me enough to where I was satisfied. The mission itself seems liked it took about an hour to complete which is quite a long time. That being said it was like an interactive movie which I thought was very cool.

I Got Back Into World Of Warcraft

Once I was out of the introduction phase I was thrown back into the original questing portion of the game that I was familiar with back in the day. Not a whole lot had changed in that sense which is good. One thing I did immediately notice though was the quality of life improvements made to the game since I had last played. One of the changes I liked a lot was the mounts, pets, and other items like that being available to all characters including cross faction characters. That alone was super awesome to me.

Something else I noticed was how much gold has changed in the game. I remember when a few thousand gold was a lot. Not anymore. A WoW Token is worth around 105,000 gold on my server. I currently have around 9,000 gold on my character currently. Gold has definitely inflated.

I Got Back Into World Of Warcraft

Something else I noticed when I picked up my professions was how little I actually got from my resource nodes. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but I’m only getting single digit amounts of resources from nodes. Like 1-5 pieces of anything. I remember getting way more than that back in the classic mining days.

Currently, I’m running the mining and jewel crafting professions on my newly max leveled 120 Rogue. I know that is a weird set of professions for a rouge, but its what I’m most familiar with. Who knows I might change it out for skinning and leatherworking.

I want to finish off this post by saying if you want to get back into World of Warcraft, I think it’s a good time to do it. The time it takes to level up characters seems to be a lot better than before. So get back in the game and play with me! 😀

I Got Back Into World Of Warcraft