Hello there everyone! I’ve had this little tiny LED light on my radar for a long time they recently came out with a new version called the Lume Cube Air, and it looks really promising. It’s basically the same thing as previous versions, but from what I understand it’s lighter weight which is better for drone applications and most applications in general.

One of the things that draw me to this little LED light is its size and its capability. For example, it is waterproof up to 30 ft which is really cool and very useful. It’s built similar to a GoPro so it should be able to take a beating pretty well. It can be controlled via Bluetooth which is also very useful. It also has a built-in magnet in addition to a mounting thread so you can attach it to pretty much anything which is incredibly helpful. So you could totally use this thing for vlogging, photography, backlighting in a photo shoot scenario, as a spotlight for your drone, etc.

I'm Going To Try A Lume Cube Air & Review It 1

Another thing that’s pretty cool is it comes with two different light diffusers one with a warm tone and one with the standard white diffuser. So that’s useful in the handful of photography situations. The light itself is also not very expensive for what you get. You can look these up on YouTube and other websites and find out that they are very bright and really reliable for their price and size. I plan on ordering at least one of these at first and then potentially getting more after that. As it is listed on Amazon, they boast the fact that it is kind of an adventure / on-the-go kind of camera and I don’t see how it couldn’t be since it’s so small. Either way, you should definitely check out this little light on Amazon because Amazon’s going to have your Better Price anyway and who knows maybe you’re looking for a little LED light that isn’t super expensive for your YouTube career or other photography type situations.

I'm Going To Try A Lume Cube Air & Review It 2

I'm Going To Try A Lume Cube Air & Review It 3