Okay, so let’s get started with this Sony A9 buyers guide. In this buyers guide, I will be walking you through setting up the perfect Sony A9 camera bag. So without wasting any time, let us get started on this awesome Sony A9 buyers guide.

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Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 1

The first and most important item. The Sony A9 body itself.

I’m not going to get into stats here because if you are reading this guide you probably already know how awesome this camera is and you just need help picking the right gear.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 2

The second item on this list would be the Sony A9 battery grip. No one likes to change out batteries, double your battery time with the battery grip. Having your batteries in the grip will also help with overheating issues as well. Also having more buttons to use while in portrait mode is super useful.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 3

Now obviously you will need batteries. Good thing is, the Sony A9 batteries are very good. So we recommend purchasing 3 extras when you purchase your A9. That way you can have two batteries in your grip and two extra if you run into a situation where you need them. 4 total batteries should be plenty for most people.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 4

Alright, its time to talk about lenses. If you are a pro photographer you need the 70-200. This is the best lens period. It’s an all-purpose lens. It does great at portraiture work as well as sports and wildlife. Plus the constant 2.8 aperture is a big deal.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 5

So everyone…or at least most everyone would want to have a 35 mm lens for their full frame camera. That way they can get that 35mm look. This is a very affordable and very sharp Zeiss lens that would be a great addition to your Sony A9 camera bag.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 6

For sports or wildlife, you are going to need a pretty decent lens with some good range. The 100-400mm lens will be perfect for this. The Sony 100-400mm lens is another super awesome and very sharp lens. If you plan on covering sports or wildlife you are going to need this lens. Also in some situation, some portraiture work with this lens will be really good as well.

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 7

Alright, now its time for a super wide angle lens. The 16-35mm lens is perfect for wide-angle shots because you will not have the fisheye effect you will have with other lenses. This lens would be a must for urban explorers!

Starting New - A Full Sony A9 Camera Bag 8

Now last but certainly not least. The infamous 24-70mm lens. This is a great lens for any photographer, especially wedding photographers. It gives you a fairly wide angle option as well as a decent zoom range. Wedding photographers don’t want to be switching lenses all the time so this is a good option. Plus it has the constant 2.8 aperture.


Alright, everyone, I hope you enjoyed this buyers guide and I hope you found it useful. Obviously, this guide is built based off of my experience and opinions. However, these lenses are generally recommended by all the pros. Hope you have a good day!


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