I’m so angry that this sort of behavior is happening in New World. This should not be happening at all and should be punishable.

Extremely Toxic Player Behavior In New World

YouTube Video Auto Transcription:

Hello everyone in this video i’m going to be talking about and showing some toxic player behavior and or bot behavior or a combination of the two a new world and uh let’s just get started i guess so i did end up reporting these players um and frankly this sort of behavior should be a suspendable a suspendable or uh abandonable offense as far as i’m concerned um and hopefully this video helps with that but we’ll see um so first of all at i thought they were bots and they like i said they might still be uh based off of their movement and how they’re trying to gather uh and stuff like that but then it also seemed just like toxic player behavior as well so this is a well-known farming spot so i expected you know some competition and that’s fine but the fact that there is these this group of players that are just sitting here not attacking the mobs as you can see but waiting for somebody else to attack them do the job and then snipe the resources from them uh so they don’t get any resources so that’s why it seems like bot behavior and toxic behavior and you saw it there and you’ll see it repeatedly throughout this video another thing that’s suspect is the fact that when i was doing uh kills outside of this area but somewhat nearby you know probably out of audio range um they magically just knew that i killed something and headed that way and that’s towards the end of the video um so it also seems like some sort of cheap behavior or something like that but the whole thing makes me very very very angry um and that’s probably partially what they’re going for so congrats my guess um but this should also be a learning lesson maybe for amazon um to give the loot to the person that did the most damage or maybe the kill uh probably the most damage would make sense so that way this sort of behavior doesn’t happen and it doesn’t you know it just doesn’t happen so that way players don’t get scared away from the game or quit playing the game or get frustrated and quit playing the game for the night or whatever um because of people like this it’s it’s ridiculous uh and obviously it would apply either only for mobs like this i don’t know how you would apply that to like mining nodes and stuff that wouldn’t make sense but for mobs that are like skinnable for example they should definitely be awarded to the player that does the most damage instead because as you can see over and over these guys these toxic [ __ ] um just snipe the resources after you do all the work and right there you can see that it’s probably a player 99 sure it’s a player at that point knowing what they’re doing finding it funny and doing it anyway but the the thing is is when when i wasn’t here and like observing from a distance they weren’t attacking the mobs no matter what like occasionally they would but for the most part they would just kite them around and not actually do anything and then once another player comes by whether it be yellow green blue whatever um that’s when they would snipe the resources so that’s why i feel like it’s a mix between bot behavior and player behavior but either way it’s unacceptable and shouldn’t be condoned in this game and and frankly should be a punishable offense and if it’s not then that says a lot so um i’m all for you know competition and you know uh all that fun stuff but this isn’t fun this is toxic as and it’s it’s there’s something something has to be done about it and i this isn’t the first time i’ve seen it but this is the worst occurrence of it for me so i pulled the footage and i’m making the video for you right now talking about it i mean this is it’s ridiculous it’s not cool and amazon games needs to do something about it so the rest of the video you’ll see me reporting them um and you’ll see them uh doing the behavior where they seem to come from a distance knowing that i’d killed something so yeah that’s where i’m going to leave this but i’m just i’m beyond upset right now about this so

I guess that’s it for the video if you want to see the rest of it go for it if not be sure to check out the other videos that come up towards the end of this video and uh hopefully I don’t have to make another video like this in the future so see you later