New World Lag Issues are getting out of control as of late…

New World has a big problem.

That problem is lag.

New World didn’t use to have this problem. In fact, I can confirm that with many of my guildmates and of random players. As of the past couple of weeks, my connection as well as others has been basically unusable. I would honestly call it game-breaking. The fact that no matter what mode I’m in whether that’s PVP or PVE I lag horribly. In the case/role of being a Caster if I can’t cast a spell before I’m already dead due to lag, that is a huge problem.

If the development team is reading this or someone else that can send this to the development team is reading this, their priority should be fixing connection issues first and foremost. We, of course, would love to have bug fixes and new content and all that good stuff but if we don’t have good connections then the game is unplayable and we won’t play it. I love this game to death but if I’m lagging constantly no matter what I do it’s not going to be a game that I will be playing for very long. Which makes me very sad.

Below I have attached a video showing off the lag while I was playing in one of the Outpost Rush PVP modes. This is one of the thousands of moments where I have lagged uncontrollably for no reason.