Arma 4 Wishlist

Arma 4 is now in everyone’s sights. Now that Arma Reforger is out people can get a rough idea of what’s coming to Arma 4. For example, a completely new engine that runs 1000% better than the previous ones.

Here are the wishlist items I’ve written down over the past couple of years.
  • Overall Optimization [Appears To Be Happening]
  • Better swimming
  • Better jump [Appears To Be Happening]
  • Better climbing/built-in climbing [Appears To Be Happening]
  • Female Models
  • More animals, dogs, pigs, etc – with better animations and uses
  • Terrain Deformation [Partially?]
  • Full-on map editor, including manipulating the terrain, not just placing probs and hiding them. [Appears To Be Happening]
  • A built-in radio system like TFAR. [✅]
  • Dedicated left-hand view model/gun model.
  • More control over throwing grenades without relying on mods.
  • Improved AI regarding CQB “Like pathing and waiting behind cover based off of shots or patrol structures, instead of just going prone. +use of the existing advanced poses”
  • Most if not all tools that are available in Eden should be available in Zeus.[Partially]
  • More interaction with the AI through hand signals or self-interaction voice lines (translator ability) would be cool.
  • The ability to interact with AI would be cool. Things such as weather, their name, their family background, have they seen enemy forces, where they have seen the enemy forces head, etc. (Allow Zeus’s to also configure local population talking points)
  • Some sort of basic melee combat system. [Appears To Be Happening]
  • Map creation tool should be all in one, all done within the game as well. No 3rd party programs or a million tools to get something simple done.
  • Better medical system. [Partially]


Do you have some ideas I should add to this list? If so let me know and I’ll add them.


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