The Flail Artillery Vehicle: A Lost Legacy from Planetside 1 to Planetside 2

The transition from Planetside 1 to Planetside 2 brought many changes and improvements to the game’s mechanics, graphics, and overall gameplay. Among the changes was the absence of the Flail artillery vehicle, a long-range artillery unit that was present in Planetside 1 but never made it to Planetside 2. This blog post delves into the reasons behind this decision and explores the community’s thoughts on the subject.

The Flail in Planetside 1

The Flail was a unique artillery vehicle in Planetside 1, known for its long-range capabilities and strategic importance on the battlefield. It allowed players to launch suppressive fire over large areas, softening up groups for frontal assaults, and disabling enemy motion detectors and other deployables.

The Community’s Desire for the Flail in Planetside 2

The community has expressed interest in having the Flail in Planetside 2. Various discussions on Reddit and other platforms have revolved around the concept of artillery, including ideas for how the Flail could be implemented and balanced to avoid being overpowered.

Why the Flail Didn’t Make It to Planetside 2

While the exact reasons for the absence of the Flail in Planetside 2 are not publicly documented, we can infer some potential factors:

  1. Balance Issues: Implementing the Flail in a balanced way could be challenging. The idea of artillery being a “glass cannon” that deals great damage but has low health was discussed, but finding the right balance might have been difficult.
  2. Technical Limitations: The current technology in Planetside 2 may not support the implementation of the Flail. The game’s mechanics and engine might not be compatible with the concept of long-range artillery.
  3. Gameplay Considerations: Introducing the Flail could significantly change the dynamics of the game. Concerns about the fun factor, especially for those on the receiving end of artillery strikes, might have played a role in the decision.
  4. Design Philosophy: The developers’ vision for Planetside 2 might not have aligned with the inclusion of the Flail. The focus on other aspects of gameplay, such as infantry combat and vehicle warfare, might have taken precedence.


The absence of the Flail artillery vehicle in Planetside 2 remains a topic of interest and speculation among fans. While the exact reasons are not publicly known, considerations related to balance, technical limitations, gameplay, and design philosophy likely played a role. The community continues to discuss and propose ideas, reflecting a desire to see this feature in the game. However, as of now, the mystery remains unsolved.


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