Remnant 2, also known as Remnant II, is a third-person shooter action role-playing video game that has made a significant impact in the gaming industry. Developed by Gunfire Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, it serves as the sequel to the popular game “Remnant: From the Ashes,” released in 2019.

Gameplay and Features

Remnant 2 continues the legacy of its predecessor by offering an immersive third-person shooter experience. The game is designed with intricate mechanics that allow players to engage in intense combat, explore vast environments, and unravel a compelling storyline.

The gameplay is characterized by a combination of shooting, exploration, and role-playing elements. Players can choose from various characters, each with unique abilities and weapons. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends or tackle challenges alone.

Graphics and Design

The visual aesthetics of Remnant 2 are noteworthy, with stunning graphics that bring the game’s world to life. The developers have paid attention to detail, creating realistic textures, dynamic lighting, and captivating visual effects. The design of the characters, weapons, and environments is meticulously crafted, providing an engaging visual experience.

Reception and Success

Released for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S in July 2023, Remnant 2 received generally positive reviews from critics and players alike. The game’s engaging gameplay, impressive visuals, and well-crafted storyline contributed to its success.

Within the first week of release, Remnant 2 sold more than 1 million copies, marking a significant milestone for the developers. The game’s popularity continues to grow, attracting a wide audience of gamers who appreciate its unique blend of action and role-playing elements.


Remnant 2 stands as a testament to the creativity and innovation of modern game development. Its blend of thrilling combat, strategic gameplay, and captivating storytelling makes it a must-play for fans of action RPGs. With continued support and updates, Remnant 2 is poised to remain a prominent title in the gaming landscape for years to come.

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