Hello there everyone! Today I have a straightforward and cheap DIY project for you in your plecos. You can get your very own pleco cave for around $12. This product is not specifically designed for this, but many people use these as DIY caves for their fish. The original product designed for watering plants over an extended period such as while you’re on vacation.

The product called the Plant Partner is made of terra-cotta and is not harmful to your fish tank in any way or to your fish. We do highly recommend rinsing off each spike that you plan on using just like you would any other plant or decoration item that you place in your aquarium.

The product comes with four total pieces, and you can use all of them in your tank at once, or you can use one at a time if you so wish. The moment I put these in my tank my plecos were immediately attached to them. I can highly recommend them as a home for your plecos.

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