So there’s a whole bunch of drama going around the gaming universe right now. The giant Fortnite player known as Ninja(Tyler Blevins) is being thrown into the fire by the professionally offended on social media. What happened you ask? Well, he said that he does not want to play with female streamers because it makes him uncomfortable especially if there is any sort of flirting. So instead of getting into a situation that he is uncomfortable in he rather just not play with female streamers at all. So as you can probably imagine there’s a lot of people that are up in arms on social media about the situation. Of course, there are also lots of people that are sticking up for him myself included.

If he doesn’t want to play with female streamers and that’s up to him. If I didn’t want to play with female streamers or male streamers for that matter, it’s completely up to me. He does not have to do what he does not want to do, regardless of who he is, how much money he makes, or how much popularity he has.

From what I’ve read online and I’ve seen in video reports on this matter he is doing this in order to keep himself comfortable and protect the relationship he has with his wife. He wants to keep his wife out of as much drama as possible. Of course the jealous and ignorant people out there are now dragging his wife and himself into drama that really doesn’t need to be brought up, to begin with. This is not an issue this is simply a preference and people need to get over that. This is not a big deal!