Levelcap released a video discussing some items that were in the recent AMA from the Battlefield 5 team. I gathered some notes and some thoughts from the video and I’m curious on what everyone else thinks.

There is some very interesting information in this video. Here are some of the notes I gathered from it.

  • Medics might be getting longer range SMGs
  • There will not be a universal weapon class at launch.
  • Shotguns will be support class specific weapons.
  • More combat roles will be added after launch.
  • Will tanks/vehicles have customization. The answer is no.
  • The plan at launch is you can’t customize your characters look while in game. Main menu only for now.
  • Cosmetic items are not class specific. However, they are faction specific. (Axis, Allies)
  • Will recon get any anti-vehicle gadgets. Doesn’t sound like it at least for launch.

My question is:

Are they going to fix the absolutely garbage flying mechanics that were in the Battlefield 5 beta? I really hope the flying mechanics are the same as Battlefield 1. The mechanics in the beta was like trying to fly buildings through the air. The aircraft felt like they were on rails and they were not enjoyable in the least.