Hello there everyone!

I was on YouTube and accidentally stumbled upon this video of someone attaching a GoPro Hero 7 to a Mavic Air drone. I honestly thought at first that it wasn’t going to work and it was going to be one of those kinds of redneck style DIY type videos that results and just an okay video or something like that. I was quickly and pleasantly surprised.

I was actually not subscribed to the channel that created this video. I’m glad the algorithm actually decided to recommend it to me. The first thing I noticed in the video was how cool it was and how much I actually preferred in the footage from the GoPro Hero 7 over the actual drone itself. I’ve always wanted to own a GoPro and the Hero 7 might be the one that I actually end up getting.

The way that they went about attaching the GoPro Hero 7 to the Drone is a little bit sketchy and is definitely not the best way to go about it but since there’s no real alternative to it I think it works best for now. On the topic of there being no alternative, this is basically the only way to get GoPro Hero 7 footage from a drones point of view. Unfortunately, the GoPro company has not come out with a new drone and quite some time. I’m hoping maybe they’ll see this video or they’re already working on something like it and it will come out soon. The Karma drone that GoPro previously released was basically a flop. So hopefully if they attempt it again and they’ll do something useful like this.

The only thing I can think of being an issue with this particular setup is being able to see what you’re doing. I would imagine connecting your phone to a GoPro has less signal than the traditional drone setup with antennas. So this does have a limited use case, but in my opinion, it’s just a really cool video that you should check out regardless if you plan on copying them or not.