So I’m sure you’ve seen the YouTube videos about Vox abusing the YouTube copyright system and taking strikes against specific YouTubers accounts. The funny part about this whole situation is they are not unilaterally enforcing their copyright. They are picking and choosing and it appears to be based on whether the video is positive or negative towards them. Abuse of the YouTube copyright system is nothing new and has been around since the YouTube content ID system has been around. I’m going to include some video links for you to check out regarding the Vox specific issues.

Another thing that is frustrating about the system the way it is currently set up is they are just letting random people make claims and have content ID accounts without any proof of content that they own. I myself create stock photos, video, audio and so on and they more often than not ignore or straight up deny my application to the Content ID system. Why are they letting random people that are clearly breaking the law to use the system but people that actually need it and would respect it such as myself are not allowed to use it?

The other thing that is very frustrating for creators out there is YouTube seems to do very little when it comes to abusive accounts. I’m not just talking about the low-level abusive accounts either. A lot of big-time names abuse the copyright system because they have a lot of money and YouTube is not willing to stick up for the creators. For example, Sony seems to claim a lot of videos If there is even a minimal amount of they are copyrighted content displayed in a video. The problem is Sony and these other big companies don’t seem to understand and respect the fair use laws.

Copyright law in its current state is out of date and needs to be reformed to modern day uses. For example platforms such as YouTube and other video platforms, should have a lot more protection and ability to stick up for their creators when it comes to copyright law. It also should require platform such as YouTube to protect their creators from copyright abuses.

One of the things that creators ask for the most is a more fair Content ID system. For example, if somebody was to get claimed then half of the money should go to the creator and half of the money should go towards the claimant. However in its current state, whoever makes a claim gets all of the ad revenue. So even though you worked your butt off on the video but use some copyrighted music you lose all revenue just because of that. That is in no way fair to the content creator and they really need to change how this works. They also need to make it to where the ad revenue from a newly claimed video is not awarded to the claimant for at least 15-30 days so that way the Creator can fight back and not lose that ad revenue in the meantime. From what I understand in its current state the funds are only held if the creator immediately counterclaims.

If you are a fellow content creator out there be sure to sound off in the comments below and let me know what you guys think of the recent copyright system abuse.