Good afternoon everyone! In this post, we are going to talk about 6 ways to improve your website traffic. Getting traffic to your website is fairly easy if you follow these simple steps listed below. Let us jump into it.

6 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

#1: Promote your posts, products, etc on social media. If you have not set up a social media page for your website then you need to immediately. Social media traffic is a huge source that you need to tap into in order to be successful online. We suggest picking at least 4 social media platforms to promote yourself on such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

#2: Publish Regularly. Come up with a publishing schedule. For example say you want to publish on every Tuesday and Thursday. Create a schedule that works for you and stick to it. Your audience will thank you and your traffic will grow! You can also post on other days as well but just make sure you don’t miss the days that you promised.

#3: Use Proper Tagging. Most platforms allow you to tag your content. You can tag content in multiple ways. For example, if your website runs off of WordPress you can add tags to your post in the tags section before publishing your post. If you’re wanting to tag content on social media more often than not that means you will have to use hashtags.

6 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic

6 Ways To Improve Your Website Traffic Graphic

#4: Practice Good SEO. Make sure you practice good SEO. What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization. This topic is very complicated but for most people, it can be summed up by just making sure your post is accessible to crawlers and your content accurately talks about the subject in each post. If you want your post to rank you need to think to yourself “Would I read this?” or “Does this sound interesting to me?” If you said yes to either of those, your probably good to go.

#5: Ensure Your Site Is Indexed By Google. Make sure your website is properly indexed by Google! This is a big one that most people seem to miss out on. You can create a Google webmasters account and set up your site there to make sure Google is indexing your site properly. Make sure you submit a sitemap when you originally register your site on Google webmasters. Once you have a Google webmasters account you can also submit newly-created posts to the Google index as soon as you hit publish.

This is a manual action that you have to perform yourself but it’s something to keep in mind. After your site gets a regular amount of traffic the Googlebot will visit your site multiple times throughout the day so you technically do not need to do this once your website starts getting regular traffic.

#6: Run Advertisements. If you can afford it, be sure to run advertisements promoting your website or your other content. There are quite a few ways you can run advertisements one of which is through Google AdWords which I highly recommend. There are other platforms that you can look up as well by simply doing a Google search for them. Advertisements are a great way to drive traffic to your website. Most people are afraid of advertisements because they think it’s expensive. What if I told you a $10 bill can stretch a long way on Google AdWords.

For example, if you’re promoting a YouTube video and you’re giving a full $10 towards that video you can get anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand views. It all depends on how you are targeting specific audiences with your advertisements. So what are you got to lose? Give advertising a try.