Hello there everyone! For those of you who have not heard. YouTube is making some big changes when it comes to enforcement on their platform. If you are a YouTube creator, you need to really check out the linked resources below. Some of the items listed are things we have already been dealing with to a certain degree. For example, profanity in your videos. I have already for quite some time now, been removing profanity from my videos, mainly so I can promote them via AdWords(Their policies are more strict). That being said, the profanity discussion below is regarding how profanity can affect your monetization that a specific video. One thing that is interesting is they say that it is better to keep any sort of cursing out of the first 30 seconds or so of your video. They did not elaborate on why that is.

The other thing they have touched on is using click bait and other things that clearly violate community guidelines. Such as nudity in thumbnails to drive clicks and views. As well as anything involving children in distress or being harmed in any way. From what I read they also don’t like violence to be displayed in thumbnails as well. What does that mean for gaming creators? Time will unfortunately tell.

Are images like the ones above, consider bad? Who knows?


One thing that YouTube is doing right, this time around is they are being kind to their creators. What do I mean? Read this:

We know transparent communication is important, so we’re announcing these changes today alongside a “grace period” to allow time to review the updates and make changes to your content.
In the following two months as we ramp up enforcement, content that violates our Community Guidelines related to custom thumbnails, external links, challenges, and pranks will be removed but the channel will not receive a strike. Content that was posted prior to these enforcement updates may be removed, but will not receive a strike.
All I can say is, finally! Thank you, YouTube for finally not making your creators the bad guy all the time and immediately punishing them for minor things. I have already gone through my channels and performed an audit to see if all my content is up to par with these recent changes, and all appears to be good, at least from my point of view and understand.
So if you are a creator out there. Be sure to review the links below and make sure your content is good to go.