Hey everyone. Welcome back to my New World game ideas post series. In this post, I’m going to suggest/request 3 items.

Let’s get to it!

Company Vault For Gold & Items

This one should not require too much of an explanation other than we need a way to be able to store items for fellow guild members/company members as well as gold similar to the Game World of Warcraft. Also having the ability to break up the storage into pages of some kind would be excellent for organization. Having permissions tied to each of those pages would also be useful, such as the first two pages are only accessible to consoles and the rest are available to any company member for example.

Tent Placed Nearby Grabber

I wasn’t really sure what to call this request so I decided on tent placed nearby grabber. Basically, the idea behind this would be if someone in your group places down a tent and you are relatively close to them when they do it, it will automatically pop up on your screen and ask you if you want to bind to the tent so that way when you’re in a hurry during a war situation you don’t forget to bind to a tent.

Company House/Building

One thing that would set this game apart from others would be having an in-depth super customizable company house/building that you can use in the town of your choice or maybe outside of the town of your choice, similar to the faction caves/enclaves. You should be able to not only place down all the furniture you want but also have different layouts for the structure as well. So not all company buildings are the same. This idea could also be tied into the first one in this post and have the new company vault within this as well. Being able to add cosmetic NPCs would be very cool as well similar to the existing faction enclaves.


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