Hey everyone. Welcome back to my New World game ideas post series. In this post, I’m going to suggest/request 3 items.


Mail system

Having a mail system in the game with be extremely useful for sending company/guild mates items or other things like currencies. Sometimes friends or others are not online but you still need to send them something, a mail system would be very helpful.

New OPR Map(s)

We desperately need a new Out Post Rush(OPR) map. If we could get at least one other OPR map that would help it from getting so dull. Honestly if we could get a couple of new ones within the year that would be amazing. No need to overthink the design either. Just create new OPR maps from existing map locations in the world. Copy paste, modify, done! 🙂

OPR Spawn Revamp/Protection

While we are talking about OPR we need to talk about spawn camping. Spawn camping sometimes happens in OPR and its very annoying to sat the least. Most people don’t know this, but the side who is being camped, can actually shoot projectiles out of the wall shield. I didn’t discover the shooting through until recently. All that said, spawn needs to have more protection options to help prevent abusive camping. First suggestions that come to mind are one of the following.

1. Enemy players that enter within a certain area of the spawn receive a major debuff that makes them take 90% more damage.
2. Enemy players take a ticking damage when to close to the spawn area.
3. Add defensive turrets that overlook the spawn location that can’t be destroyed. The player using it could still be damaged but not the turret itself.

Or a combination of multiple of the previously mentioned would be nice.


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